Doc Jacque is a Naturopathic Health expert who facilitates your healing through ancient medical traditions.

With functional medicine as the foundation of Doc Jacque’s care plan for you, he uses state of the art medical testing with functional parameters to understand what is going on within each system of your body.

He then creates a program based on your body’s needs - complete with nutritional, supplementation and lifestyle guidance.

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Functional Medicine determines why you are sick by understanding and addressing the root cause of your disease. Traditional medicine addresses the symptoms of your illness and serves as a temporary bandaid because the necessary testing and questioning needed to understand why you are experiencing specific symptoms did not occur.

Instead of just addressing your symptoms, working with Doc Jacque will get to the root of your illness so that you begin to heal.

Doc Jacque has worked with all types of medical conditions and can assist you in determining what the root cause of your illness is.



Gut health is the foundation of all Doc Jacque’s programs because putting good food in our bodies is the necessary starting point for any illness or symptoms you are struggling with. Gut health can be disrupted by poor diet and lifestyle, stress, overconsumption of caffeine and energy drinks, sugar-free foods, concussions, etc. If gut health is left untreated, it can cause anything from food reactions and sensitivities to illness and cancer to death.



Infertility is diagnosed after a patient has tried to conceive for a year without being able to become pregnant. The cause of infertility is not simple, as each person and body is different. However, Doc Jacque has found that infertility is often related to the Fertility Triad. The Fertility Triad means a patient is toxic, infected, and stressed. By specifically addressing these areas, he has been able to help his patients conceive without undergoing costly procedures like IVF and IUI.



Mold toxicity is something that often goes undiagnosed in patients because most medical doctors do not test for or treat it. However, because doctors are not testing for it, it is often the root cause of symptoms that have no obvious explanation. Mold toxicity typically occurs from exposure to water-damaged buildings but can also occur from consuming mold-laden foods, like coffee, peanuts, and wine. If left untreated, mold damage can lead to organ system failures like liver and kidney failure, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autoimmune disorders, hot flashes, infertility, cancer, divorce, suicide, and death.


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