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“Doctors need to take the time to teach patients that their health is their responsibility. Without that patients are held powerless.

– Dr. Jacque Moser

Our Philosophy

Care Designed For You

We are dedicated to helping you reach your best health by identifying the underlying cause of your specific health issues. Conventional medicine often misses due to the fact that it is designed to label and treat as though everyone is the same. Our approach is unparalleled as we understand each person is uniquely created and therefore should be cared for as such.  

Innovative testing and Supplementation

We have carefully and selectively chosen our testing, supplements, and overall Functional Medicine services to ensure our patients that they are receiving the best possible care. We recognize that each patient is different and requires a personalized treatment plan.  We are 100% committed to using what works best for you.

You Are The Star

Our main focus is you! We pride ourselves on providing the best patient-centered care possible. We truly understand that health is not a "one size fits all" approach, and we strive to provide the highest quality individualized care for all of our patients. Limitless Healing birthed it's name simply by understanding that when we listen to our patients' stories, when we get to understand their bodies inside and out and we honor their individualities there is nothing that can stop us as practitioners and you as the patient from not only regaining control, but also learning to vibrantly live your life!

""Dr. Jacque Moser has absolutely changed my life for the better. I’ve had an array of health issues since my early twenties (just turned 30 now) but my diagnosis and treatments always felt rushed and short sighted in a traditional medicine setting. What my “specialists” and PCP’s brushed off with limited testing for nearly 10 years was all discovered within a short span after seeing Dr. Jacque starting January 2018. We started with a complete chiropractic care plan (my neck specifically was a mess) and then moved into testing my food allergies and hormones. What Dr. Jacque Moser discovered with undeniable blood work and urine test results was exactly what my “specialists” said I didn’t have. We now know where to go from here and are working toward resolving my most chronic autoimmune symptoms and diseases. I CANNOT recommend him more. If you are tired of the run around and constant guessing and pill pushing from traditional medicine I highly recommend that you give this a try, you will not regret it!""

Heidi S

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